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below are NOT consecutive links by week. If you wish to read all the strips in order, use the dated links above. Below is just a general timeline according to some of the larger plot landmarks.
(this list is only through 2/21/2000)

"bruno" begins 1996
bruno returns to school
bruno gets an abortion
bruno goes to oz
bruno first bisexual encounter
bruno leaves for new orleans
bruno takes care of cousin amy
bruno returns to the valley
bruno meets donna
bruno and donna break up
bruno hides in closet
bruno jumps off bridge
bruno meets jeremy
bruno leaves for minneapolis
jay in an ape costume
bruno leaves the valley
bruno meets stanley
the circus arrives 1997
bruno leaves stanley's house
bruno has a fever in a cabin
bruno returns to the valley
bruno's mom visits
bruno's magazine story begins
bruno, mom, jay and jo go on road trip
minneapolis, christine
bruno and jay "hook up"
the matriarch commune
jay and notburga's wedding
bruno returns to the valley
bruno goes to house-sit for Stanley
susan visit's at Stanley's
bruno sees a ghost
stanley's son's funeral
bruno meets helen 1998
bruno and stanley, after my hiatus
Stanley has a break-down
bruno returns to the valley
bruno gets job at newspaper
bruno meets Todd
bruno and todd break up
shakespeare's "as you like it", rehearsals
bruno meets Samantha and Dana
"as you like it", performance
jay, notburga and baby visit 1999
bruno meets dan
cousin amy comes to visit
cousin amy leaves
bruno goes to party with stanley
bruno meets anise (diner woman)
bruno goes with dan camping
bruno and dan begin dating
bruno "celebrates" b-day with stanley
bruno and smantha with candelabras
randall's week
susan's week
lenny's week
bruno's dad's week
dan's week
cat's week
stanley's week
samantha and dana's week
jeremy's week
bruno and dan break up
bruno begins traveling with acting troupe
Washington, D.C.
Charlottesville, VA and Raleigh, NC
bruno visits cousin amy
Columbia, SC
New Orleans, LA
Nashville, TN
telephone call, Lenny unionizes
St. Louis, MO
Austin, TX 2000
Tucson, AZ
San Diego, CA
Berkeley, CA (Mary)
Sacramento, CA (Allison)
Portland, OR
Minneapolis (mom, Christine)
this list is only through 2/21/2000

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