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2/14/07 - Well. I guess this is it. It felt so weird to set down my pen when I was done with this strip. That's it. Eleven years. There it is.

I wish I had some optimistic vision of a blazing path ahead of me, but even though there are several projects I'm developing, it's hard to see past doing Book#10 pre-press this weekend, then freelance jobs, then taxes, and maybe a breather for my birthday (the 25th) (I'm turning 34 I think).

Again, I wish to mention that I'll be blogging on the 1st of every month as to what I'm up to (here, livejournal or myspace). I also hopefully will clean up this site, including (among other things) fixing the archive, updating my bio page, etc.

For all of you who've patroned for Book #10, please make sure to double-check your name (updated in the list below). Everyone else, today's the last day for your name as a patron in book#10 if you wish.

And lastly, thank you. I know this isn't goodbye for most of you, you'll keep a watchful eye on me, make sure I'm not up to no good. But still, I may have been sailing the ship, but you're all the ones who've kept vigil on the rocks, stormy seas buffeting your view. You've put me up when I was traveling, bailed me out when my finances fell through, and been generous, kind, and supportive when times were bad, okay, and even good.

And you've loved Bruno, as I have.

I can't thank you all enough. And I hope the ending of the strip pleases you. I worked hard (about 7 months lead-up) to make the ending feel good, solid, right, and at the same time, not too precious. Because although the strip is ending, tomorrow Bruno will wake up and her life will continue.

my best,


Bruno Book#10 avail. for presale. Books prices cut from $13 down to $10. See more below.

2/12/07 - So. A few things.

1. Bruno will finish Wednesday, 2/14/07. And it's a coincidence it's Valentine's Day, although somewhat amusing.

2. "Bruno" Book#10 is now available for pre-sale (that's the cover posted above). I am doing this now because you're all still here reading the strip, although it won't be back from the printer to me until probably early April. Order now and I'll send it when they arrive in my hands. (store is in upper left-hand corner of this page)

3. I am still accepting patronages though the end of the day Wednesday for "Bruno" Book #10. (also, double-check your name's spelled correctly below, which I've kept updating)

4. I've cut sales on books from $13 down to $10. I wish to clean house a bit, and with the strip ending I anticipate sales dropping off. If you've bought Bruno books recently and you feel gypped, please email me and I'm sure we can work something out. I don't want to step on any toes.

5. "Bruno" original artwork from 2002 is back online for sale (sorry it took me so long!). Link to it from here or it is also linked through the Good Port Publishing online store.

6. If you didn't catch it, on the 1st of every month I will post a blog of what art projects I'm working on. You can read it at my home page, or at livejournal or myspace.


2/8/07 - Patron names are updated below!

And I now have a Baldwin Myspace Account. Basically, I did some reading on RSS feeding livejournal to myspae and couldn't make sense of it all, and it seems few others do. So i just took the simple route. :)

2/6/07 - Holy cats. So, in my dazed flu state, I looked at the calendar and realized that Bruno is ending soon. I went to edit the final strips, and found there to only be five strips left (only four now), ending next wednesday (the 14th). I guess I've been trying not to think about it, its just too much emotion right now.

So, in prepping for the book (which I be putting together as soon as the strip is finished) I am trying to clean up the patron page. I am deeply in gratitude for the support you've all given me, it's often been a struggle to meet financial ends while doing the comic, and you all have bailed me out more times than I deserve. And so, with the patron page, I like to do these things right.

Below is the basic break-down (category names to be determined). If your name is here, check to make sure it's spelled correctly. If your name is missing and it should be here, tell me. If you requested it to be different or to not be here, double-check to make sure that I followed instructions correctly. And if you wish to join the list (or raise your amount), please do in the next couple days, or you'll miss your chance.

100 and up
Adam Buchbinder
Robert Cudinski
Laurel Donnelly
Wei-Hwa Huang
Oskar Kainu Wiggert

Vicka Rael Corey, PhD.
Sam Dodsworth
John-Paul Ferguson
Paul Guertin
Annie Kleve
Mary Lucking
Seth Milliken
Amy Sakurai
John Saunders
Paul Selkirk
Sarah Stewart
Aaron G. Stock

Nancy Baldwin
Jennifer "cat" Barts
Gordon Davidescu
Morvan Deghelt
Anthony Foiani
Nicola Fusco
Michael Gust
Sako Hagiwara
Tim Jarrett
Sean Kinlin
Brian Kitchell
Peter Lewerin
David McKenzie
Joyce Melton
Marc Moorcroft
Sara Pickett
J.B. Segal
Will Strang
Gwyneth Whieldon

Holly Abreu
Steven Akins
Toby Bartels
Chris Battey
Dirk Bergstrom
Zachary Blessing
Rosemary Brock
Brooks Clark
Sam Coupland
Gary Couse
Michael Craven
Sam Dodsworth
Doug Faunt
Michelle Garcia
Samuel Gavin
Noah Gibbs
David Golding
Wylie Graham
Diana Green
Phredd Groves
Donald Hargraves
R. Michael Harman
Austin Henry
Andrew Hickmott
Daniel Huiginn
Michael Johnson
Richard Levitte
Carrie Lynn King
Linda Kippner
Allen Klesh
Ralph Kolewe
Luis Morales
Deanne Neiburger
Jeremy Otis
Sara Pickett
Carin Mary Lee Powell
Sean Purdy
Jeff Rattray
Heather Reid
Daniel van Reijen
Clara Rhee
Jessica Roy
Laurie Sefton
Tristan Smith
Nick Sonneveld
Chris Stoney
Peter Suk
Gwyneth Whieldon
Benjamin Wieland
James Wood
Jay Woodward

Thank you all again.


I Now Have A Blog

hear me roar.

On the first of every month, I will be posting to my blog of what I've been up to. Read my blog here at or straight to the source at livejournal.

I have posted a post today to start things off.

Bruno posts Monday-Wednesday

If the strip isn't uploading, try holding down "shift" while you reload. Also try clearing your cache.

To support Bruno, please purchase items at Good Port.

My permanent address is:
PO Box 1141, Northampton, MA 01061

My current address as of 12/27/2005 is:
110 Legion Way SE #404, Olympia, WA 98501