June 2003

The story featured here is a ten page comic book (2 pages per day) which I drew for an upcoming issue of "Atlas" by Dylan Horrocks.

Now, allow me to tell you a bit about Horrocks. If you haven't read Hicksville, I can't reccommend it enough. For some it might get a little too comic-book geeky, but it's just placed in that world, that's not what makes it deep and moving (well, it does make it a bit more moving if you truly love and have some historical knowledge of the medium). But his characters and his way of telling a story has inspired me so much, that it was one of the first times I really felt that the medium of the comic-book or graphic-novel could be done in a way that I could envision it being beautiful (according to my own personal totally-selfish definitions of beauty, which if you're reading bruno, I'm guessing you somewhat share). His current projects are Atlas, the highly anticipated dirty comics and I must also mention his bread-and-butter batgirl.

So anyhow, this was the first version of a story I wanted ot put in the back of "Atlas", which fits with his one requirement, that Hicksville play some role of any sort. But I found the piece too worshipping (even though it's rather fun), and I wanted to inspire rather than blather my self-subjegation. And so this story remains only pencil-sketched, and I did another version, which is pencilled, and I'll hopefully soon be photo-sourcing, and which will likely be in print in Atlas #4 (or 5 or something) due out, when he gets too it, possibly in 1 to 5 years.

So yeah, read his work, check out his site (he even has original pages for sale).

And in the meantime, enjoy this ditty.
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