--- Camille the Warrior ---
Camille the Warrior I must have done back in maybe 1995 or so, can't quite place any memories around it. The facial cartooning style was heavily influenced by Phil Foglio, particularly his Myth Adventure series; and the very rich and lush background was influenced by the two issues I had of Sim's & Gerhard's Cerebus. It's definitely a fantasy story, both in the sense of sci-fi and a more young-male female-dominant sexual type as well (sigh). But basically it's just a silly romp and fun to read. It's actually pages 1,2,4, and 5. Page #3 was never drawn because I wasn't sure what to put there yet. I basically wrote the script as I drew it panel-by-panel. But page#3 was just a segway anyhow, it works with that page not even there. I had begun page#6, with him running off to taco bell for food (to which she would be very impressed, and to which I could also express my being a vegetarian), but sadly I cannot find page#6. But it was REALLY just a beginning of the page, a half-done sketch, not really anything to show. Anyhow, enjoy! -Christopher
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