--- Destroying Limbo ---
I've always hated the title. And much of the script i wrote (about 30 pages), suffered the same melodramtic tone. Unfortunately, taking myself seriously didn't sound good until around 1997.

The plot revolves around a mystical sword which holds enormous power indescriminately to whomever possesses it. As a result, the "forces of evil" are always trying to obtain it. The sword begins in the hands of Jason, who left his true love, Jasmine, in order to keep evil things from her. Oh, and he travels with his short sharp-tounged sidekick a young enchantress (I've forgotten her name). He is finally returning to Jasmine, when he happnes to get impaled. She finds him, dying, and the sword is passed on to her. Basically the story is her getting pursued by evil, until finally she "destroys limbo" and turns around to face it, and becomes the pursuer.

Most of the art so far was only okay, a few gem shots. I like the pacing on page 2. Oh right, and evil often possessed kitty-cats, which she would have to reluctantly (although desperately) fight off.
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