--- Ladornia the Lumbermaid ---
I created Ladornia probably sometime around 1992. Trail Potter ("Salty") and I attempted a second collaboration, but here's how it worked. He wrote a script (a perfectly good one) (which if i can find at a later date, i will post), but it didn't fit my vision. A couple years later, I unearthed the manuscript and realized I liked it, and since my original vision wasn't as strong, it seemd like a fun thing to do. Unfortunately I only made it most of the way through page one. The flow of her movements, and the character of the details is nice. The guy suffers from the "cancerously large chin syndrome" (c.l.c.s.), and not in a particularly attractive way. But she's a bit of a troll too, which is part of what makes her so cool. Anyhow....
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