--- Moth ---
I honestly think this could have been a hit. Very dark, with the protagonist in shape, but basically a "dumpy" girl. Heavy Frank Miller influence. She's not a violent type, but can fight (as in the sketched fight scene shown). I actually drew two pages, but stupid me can't find the other one (which actually was the first of the two). On the first of the two pages, it showed an okay sample of the quiet and dark way she has of fighting crime, where she is facing the fake bad guy, the trojan Deiselfisher, and she knows he's not the real one, and she simply whispers it in his ear. Ah well, if I had all the time in the world.

If I do find that first page, I'll mention it on the bruno page so you all know.

Some pics:

A fight scene:

a page (there is one other page, but I cannot find it)
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