--- Mutant Dog ---

Probably back in 1993 or so, the band my brother was in the "Frank Spencer Quartet" released a concept album which they called "Mutant Dog". They were actually a trio at the time, although Tony Green, who would later become their fourth member, sung on several tracks. The concept was actually, I believe added AFTER the album was finished.

It was based on two things, one was a cheezy picture of a brittish lounge act of which I do not know the name. The two people in the picture were re-named by FSQ: "Dr. Finklesteinberg and his lovely assistan Miss Bethsheba Theresa". And the two scientists were responsible for creating the theory that all objects, alive or otherwise, originated from a creature called "mutant dog" (a sort-of hybrid of a dog, a sheep, and a wheelbarrow).

My brother, on a whim I think, asked me to draw a comic book about it. And so I set out. Probably the free-est in form of my later comics, I rarely knew what was to happen in the next panel until i drew it. Parts of it, little details, I still find brilliant. From "you damned old rat", to "bloodymotherofscience!", from the pope to a vaccum cleaner. It makes me laugh still.

Now, don't misinterpret this, it's still crap. it goes nowhere and has no point. But it still can be mighty amusing.

It's also totally riddled with in-jokes based around my group of friends, my home town, and the album itself (which is totally unavailable, so don't even try). Andy is even an actual person, although in real life he was nothing like the character. And you might also notice places where i didn't add zip-a-tone or even finish the drawing, well.... my apologies for everything. Not that I feel bad about it, but I hope it adds rather that disrupts your amusement.

I did write the entire thing myself (although the one picture-on the header of chapter#2-of Mutant Dog was copied from the drawing my brother did for the album). And sadly, once I finally did show my brother, he was onto other projects and had no interest. Youv'e heard the story before. I always have wanted to please my brother, and he finally gave me an opportunity, and I did it, and he hadn't even realized how seriously I had taken the idea. I no longer feel that overwhelming need to please him, and so it's all fine now. We grow and move forward. And the comic itself, after 16 pages, simply discontiues, and will never see completion, nor is there any good reason for it to.

Anyhow, enough of my sob-story, and onto this ridiculous insanity which poses as a story.
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