--- SALTy ---
I believe Trail Potter began writing "Salty" in 1988, and i don't think he fully expected me to actually go ahead and draw it. I wasn't always very strict in the script, and since he moved back to Arizona (not that you'd know that) I ended up misintepreting several things he had written since communication was so difficult. As well, many things I did almost directly conflicted with the text or other parts of the story. But hell, I did it around when i was 17, which justifies it all. In fact, it still kinda' blows me away that I created it back then, there are so many small moments which make it worth it. Not to mention, I was so loose back then (not really knowing anotomy helped too) and so my expressions, especially in Randall,the drunk, and Mrs Howard are just priceless, and my watercoloring is so loose, just perfect.

I found Trail's script fun to draw, and we've worked together since then as well, mostly in disasterous capacity. But I was very impressed that someone in high-school could get their act together enough to write a full plot like this. It has downfalls, but it was a script, and I owe him so much, it really started a lot of gears turning to be abls to do this. And as a person, he has often been a role-model, and helped shape who I am.

of note, many tones, especially skin tones, did not end up reproducing well here, mostly due to the fact that these are scans of a color photocopy, the original is an attic somewhere. Also, the poem on page 28 is one I wrote (unrelated, but it fit nicelty) and inserted. Also, The protagonist is indeed Bruno's friend Randall's namesake.

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