--- The cook ---
I've always liked this idea, although it was back in 1993 or so, when I thought the only way to make a living in comics was to do superheroes, of course now I know better, there is NO way to make a living in comics. Basically the story is (would have been) of this quiet solitary italian guy, who's a cook in a diner. Something happens, and he finally snaps, and goes out and begins fighting crime. I forgot how he lost his legs, the war or something I think. But I just imagined him hopping from rooftop to rooftop in this wheelchair, riding on two wheels on a rooftop wall 12,000 feet above the city. Pretty damned cool if you ask me. And also, while he's out fighting crime, he needs someone to cover for him at the restaurant. Luckily he has a retired ex-circus bear as a pet, who puts on a fake mustache and cooks. Of course nobody notices the difference. His sidekick, waitress woman, she... I forget her origin. Just a quiet girl who sees him kinda' like a father figure. I forget if she was a waitress who joined in, or if she was a normal woman who thought that being 'waitresss woman" was appropriate, since he was "the cook".
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