2/1 - This page is the home page for ths strip I created, with hopes for syndication, with the working title of "Madge's Diary". Above are the links to the full 53 strips I drew for the project. Working with feedback from the readers (thas' be all you guys), I changed characters, adjusted personalities, and directed the strip into a good workable piece. Finally I had 24 cohesive strips, which below i show in the "plan to clean up" version, and then the final version which I sent ot the sydnicates. When I hear back from each syndicate I will post (as well as mention on the bruno page) the letters I recieve back.

Thank all of you again. And I know a lot of feedback I reject, but the thing to remember is that feedback needs to be understood in context. For every suggestion I got, often there was a counter-suggestion. And also feedback serves two purposes. One is to feed in new ideas. And the other is for it to make the "creator" to look at what they're doing and make active decisions of which routes to take. I read and considered ALL feedback i recieved, and it was ALL helpful, whether it was incoporated or not.

And it was also interesting for me, because with my other two strips i created for syndication "Sheppard and May" and "Kim in Love", I created the formula first and then with ease worked out a perfect 24 strips. With this project I just started with some loose ideas and let them take their natural course, and then as they started to firm up, I corralled them in. I don't know if either method is better or worse, but it's always interesting to try something new. :)

cross your fingers for me.

my best,

Responses from the syndicates:
3/14 - Jay Kennedy, King Features
2/12 - Lee Salem, Universal
The final, edited,
cleaned up strips I submitted.
The cover letter and
character sheet I sent
along with the sub-
mission package
The "almost final" with proposed changes
and some side-by-side-with-changes
strips thrown in.