3/15/02 - Jay Kennedy was the second to respond. He's been the most enthusiastic about my work in the past, and so I had the most hope from him and King Features. Sadly, it didn't go.

Even worse is this. In his last letter about "Sheppard and May" he said "By far the most interesting character is Sis [who we now know as Madge]. Aside from Luann, there haven't been many strips about teenage girls." And now he tells me "Consider making your characters college aged or recent graduates".

No thanks.

basically this brings me to some good advice my friend Kristen gave me, she told me to never listen to editors who aren't YOUR editors. She said that they'll tell you to do things one way, and a year later tell you the opposite. I, naively, disputed this. Now I understand better the wisdom of it.

Or maybe now my cynicism has grown to encompass it. :)

I mean, not that their advice can't be helpful, but you have to do it by other rules. i just gotta' figure 'em out. What can I create that's both magical and digestable. (assuming "Madge" doesn't make it with the other two syndies)

What IS a good sign, is that this is an extensive personal letter to recieve from a syndicate editor. That in itself is flattering and a realy good sign that I'm doing something right.

Anyhow, the letter: