2/12 - Lee Salem was the first to respond, unfortunately simply with a form-letter. It is odd submitting to Universal, because they seem to be the best syndicate, judging on who they've represented, but they're also the only syndicate who've never given me feedback. I guess it's like most relationships, the more you like someone, the less they respond. heh. Anyhow, so yeah, i had the LEAST hope from them, as other syndicate's editors have been much more interested in my work in the past, so it's not that harsh a blow.

Oooh, but story time. It'll make me feel better about being rejected by them. There was an incident years ago, when one of their top editors approached ME regarding "Bruno", and then proceeded to make promises, reasonable actual promises, not about syndication, but what they were going to do, and then fell through. That was a really huge disappointment for me, especially as it is so rare a syndicate goes to an artist, and plus i hadn't been submitting, so my hopes were raised and then dropped very cruelly (I felt).

Anyhow, also weird, in this response to "Madge", they included a photocopy of a place where i could send $35 to recieve a 300 book of cartoonist profiles, advice on how to get syndicated. I did not like recieving this, as I know that many artists are more vulnerable when submitting, and they will buy this thinking it will help. In some cases it might a little, but it's still an emotionally manipulative scam. I guess maybe it's fair, they look at my submission for free, the least i can do is put up with some junk direct marketing. I still think it's lousy.

Anyhow, the letter: