week 3
11/19 - This week i have no really precise new plan. i did want to introduce at least one hobby/activity. So on Tuesday I'll have her playing soccer. I have a good plan for another hobby, but I haven't been able to write it pleasably yet.

Monday's strip just tickles me. For no good reason. Something about Jim's last line. It's a stupid strip, but i can't help myself.
11/20 - Today's strip feels right on, but at the same time, it is out of time. I couldn't run today's strip until it was already established that they play soccer, since no ball nor very many signs are shown that indicate that soccer is what they are playing.
11/21 - Todays' strip doesn't send off any firworks for me, although it's a decent strip. I think some of the drawing is funny. I don't think the word "mommy" does its job (maybe I'm not paying the word enough) of portraying her disorientation, it just makes me feel that it's a double-take character confusionment. I have been thinking all day about what or whether to do something about the goalie jersey, as pointed out on the bulletin board, the goalie's jersey is different than other players, but the problem is, with black and white, it might make her look like she's on another team. One of the insights into stupid comic problems with no good solutions.
11/21 - Todays' strip has ups and downs. i think it's charming, and amusing. but i find the text she's writing in her diary so terribly trite that it's painful, and her shock is simply too predictable, too over-the-top. It's still charming.

I have wondered about having her actually having a diary. Part of me feels it's probably best NOT to have her ever writing on a diary, but having the title more imply that it is the record of her life's story. The other reason i chose the title was because a diary is something that I think maybe somewhat identifies with a young female (maybe i should call it "the horse princess diaries"), and fits specifically with madge as she is a literary sort. Another problem is that the web site would be odd to choose. Would it be madgesdiary.com? it bugs me to not have the apostrophe. Essentially it is a working title, I'm not totally sold on it. We'll see if i come up with better before submitting (hint hint, feel free to suggest, or tell me if you like it).
11/23- another soccer strip. I got the long sleeves put on to denote a goalie without changing her jersey color to make her look like she's on the opposite team, and will likely change her shin pads to knee pads (Thanks D.S.Sawyer for both suggestions). I do have a question though, is the goalie jersey number usually "0"? That occured to me tonight.

So I think the soccer sequence works pretty well, I'll likely at some point do more, and submit the best few with the package. Next week I have another hobby to introduce (I'll let you hold onto your seats, oooh the excitement). But I am also open to suggestions of ideas/directions to try. This is still an experimental strip in creation phase.