week 4
11/26 - Well, "Debate" is her new "hobby". It seems like real fertile territory, but I'm having the damndest time writing it. Well, we'll see how the week goes, if I can even come up with more than just this one.

11/27 - Again, i am enjoying this "debate" series, but it is still hard as hell to write. Maybe that's a good thing, but also i want to be cautious that i'm not creating a subject I'm going to go completely dry on in under a week.
11/28 - I am pleased.
11/29 - Okay, this is going to be the last debate strip for now, time to move on to new things. Still thinking of next weeks theme. maybe try and re-introduce Jim and Shep in a more healthy and integrated way. I'm starting to even wonder if Shep will make the final cut.
11/30 - it was hard to break off of the debate streak, but it felt like i should for now. And I didn't want to start anything new, and so i needed a strip that would fit anywhere (including with the lint in my back pocket). So I was sitting there, and was thinking about clubs, and suddenly had a giggle. And somewhere in my brain all the points connected and I scribbled it down.

But.... Written down it didn't even seem very funny, but now, I DO think it is funny now. The reason I mention that is that i think I have the drawing down a lot better. The comment by someone before about all the faces looking like photocopies woke the cartoonist in me who has largely slept during these seven years of bruno. It feels good, and it's making me more enjoy doing both, finding the indivduality in both bruno in madge so that they remain seprate and both compelling and challenging projects.

Also of note, this strip's inspiration actually germinated from a Bruno sketch I did for Eugene Jr and Margaret Szedenits, who showed me an enormous act of kindness a couple months back.