week 8

12/24 - Well, I really looked at the strip hard this weekend. I decided that I like the core cast of Madge, Carmel, Shep, and Rufus. I can see Beth having a role after a while, but not as part of the core cast. I've been building up the lists of each character's relationships to each other, but as well I have been looking at other aspects. As you see by today's strip, I've decided to try a slightly different look for Sheppard (a little cliff-hanger there). Rufus will have some adjustments as well, but not as significant. The other large change is that Madge does not have enough chinks in her armor. So I will be pummeling her here and there the next couple of weeks. Not all at once, but just to bring out her weaknesses, her vulnerabilities, her humanness.

The reason I chose to keep Shepard, and I mention this because I've heard some good arguments against it, is that I think he represents a strong and important connection to her home-life. He is the co-witness of family. He is deeply connected to her nostalgia and her own childhood. I think I may begin to give him a more childish edge, carve off some of his blatantly adult wisdom and cynicism.

Also, I'll try to draw the lists of character traits I come up with and post them in the next couple days. I admit the holiday (Christmas) will take some time from this.
12/25 - I know, I know, a real cheery strip for the holiday... But anyhow, what to say? The "New" Sheppard, plus: exploring the "chinks" in her armor.
12/27 - Not feeling very talkative these days. Maybe because it just feels kinda in the groove right now. Maybe not completely brilliant, but the direction feels right. Today's was another interesting one in that the last two panels I drew the other way around. Then once I scanned it in I realized that panel #4 worked infinitely better in the #3 spot and vice-versa.

Today's might be a bit wordy, and the graphics seem to float a bit. I couldn't think of any good ways to splotch black to give any of the graphics any more weight. It's times like these when I consider reverting to zip-a-tone (no, don't go to the dark side, luke!) (and don't even get me STARTED on THAT topic.)

And yesterday I didn't mention (although it applies, of course, to today as well) that the "Shep being bullied" idea came from an email from Daniel Sauve, as he put it "I wonder... what would madge do if a bully tried to hurt Shep in front of her?". The thought just kinda' sparked my interest.
12/28 - so it's months down the road, and the syndicates call me and ask me where the next day's strip is. "Oh" I reply, "I wasn't in the mood today". I think a moment. "Oh, but I DID do a drawing, isn't it pretty?" Meanwhile they've already sent Sauron's black horsemen after me.

I've been pretty emotionally all over, which.... what am I saying? Like this is new. Anyhow, knowing that I've been doing too much work, I'm being careful not to burn out. So today, when I just had too much to do, I just did a drawing instead (which I love, b.t.w.). If anything ,it will nicely garnish the syndie package when I finally put one together to send out.