week 11

1/14 - You know when you read a comic strip and it really strikes you as funny? And you know how creating it seems like it'd make it become boring and everyday. And hell, maybe it will eventually, but some of these strips just make me laugh. Out loud. And it's weird to laugh at something like that, because then it suddenly doesn't feel like something you could have created. Which makes me proud, if not disassociated. Anyhow, the skinny is that I like today's strip. one where the simplicity of it is what is so smoothe.
1/15 - Today was tough. I thought a lot this weekend of what to do next. I like the soccer strips, but didn't find the ones i did to be particularly strong and also they are difficult to write, so I do want to tackle them again, just not quite sure how (feel free to throw me ideas, the originals are in week#3). Also I need to do a few more Shep strips in his new incarnation. And lastly, I needed to flesh out Rufus a bit. I decide to focus on Rufus first, as he's the least fleshed out character.

But this weekend came up with nothing, and today i sat for an hour, actively thinking about it with no results. And then all day pondering at work, and another hour with diddly-squat coming to me. The best idea I had come up with was to give him a pet chicken, which as much would be amusing, is unnecessary and kinda' undermines the slight level of "reality" I'm trying to create in the strip. Who knows, maybe the chicken has a future.

But then I thought of Home Economics. I have been very hesitant to include any class/school scenes, but mostly because they are generic and stereotypical of what one would do. I like this rule of intentional non-use, and have used it in many projects, the rule is that you basically don't allow yourself the thing everyone else does (When I began Bruno, I was told the strength of ink drawings was in the variable line weight and the use of black, voila). So, this idea of "Home Economics" does break my rule, but at the same time is specific enough, it is used "intentionally" enough, that I like it. And the reason it's so brilliant (can you tell that I like this idea) is that as well as being plain silly like today (both Madge AND Rufus are fairly incompetent with basic household tasks, surprise surprise. Carmel may end up being at the next counter making perfect dishes, etc), but also it can simulate a marriage. And since I plan to never flesh out a romance between Mad&Ruf, but instead just have the quiet persistent pursuit of Madge by Rufus, this is a perfect venue to simulate a conceivably possible marriage/relationship and the chaos from which would result.
1/16 - Continuation of yeterday's Rufus exploration by putting them in Home EC.
1/17 - A fun strip. I like' Madge's expression in the first panel as she realizes what she's done, which makes no sense until the last panel. Plus her enthusiasm in the third panel is very spot-on, along with Rufus's sweet trustfullness.

Though, of course, the real punchline should be "Well, I'm going straight to hell for that one." But I just don't think i can get away with that. A lot of people take "hell" just a little too seriously. For those curious, here are the alternative rejects. I had quite a hard time deciding on the right one, and still am not totally sold, although the one I chose, is the one I like best of my batch:

karma's gonna' have a word with me about that one.
karma's gonna' sucker punch me for that one.
karma's gonna have some accounts to settle with me.
karma's gonna square some accounts with me.
karma's gonna' thrash me for that one.
karma's gonna' wallop me for that one.
karma's gonna' have a field day with that one
karma's gonna give me slow painful revenge for that one.
I just can't imagine the karmic whiplash I'm gonna get for that one.
1/18 - Today my freind Kip sent me a random link to a collection of "UNH!" comic-book drawings, and in one they used "Kirby-Dots". Later that day, as i was drawing the strip, it popped back into my brain. Odd how things work like that. Thus the beautiful smoke stuff thingeee.

As a total strip, i don't know if it holds together, but there a lot of liitle parts i really love. i think it was originally a simple cute strip that went awry. Originally there was no "pwoof" and no mention of gas masks, plus Rufus had no final line.