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Well, so I went on this camping trip in Canada, basically the Cascades and the Rockies in B.C. and Alberta. Much preparations were made in the way of tent, sleeping bags, trail mix, and waiting for our modem to arrive before we left. (that's me btw.)
My traveling companion (actually, I was more hers), bethanne. Rockstar extrordinaire and stunt-double for Angelie Jolie, this little Seabiscuit was a pleasant companion.
Here you see the Coast Mountains, probably still pretty close to the coast. Pretty, no?
And more Coast Mountains. Still pretty. Yes, still pretty.
And even more Coast Mountains. Just be happy I spared you the other 87 pictures we took of mountains. Funny how they all begin to look the same.
This was a lake, very blue, a bit east to Lillooet. Might be Kamloops. A lot of the water we saw was a strange blue-green due to originating from glaciers. An opaque color too, minerals and such. beautiful and strange.
Okay, Louise Lake was the most memorable vision for me on the trip. Just amazing. Blue-Green and high in the mountains and yet surrounded by mountains. Don't pass through this area without stopping. Seriously.
Okay, these were some cool mountains in the Rockies, up near Lake Moraine. Oh, and I should point out. The Rockies were on fire. So this haze, this was smoke, not clouds. It wasn't extreme, but everywhere had smoke, and my throat and eyes constantly had a mild burn to them from it. Very surreal and eerie.
Here I made Bethanne laugh. One might assume I said something funny, but who knows. We were in Banff at the time, which was the main destination in the trip. Sadly we only stayed a couple days because it was smokey and mostly a money-tourist spot (although I can understand why, very beautiful).
Here's me looking smug, which knowing me, means I was pretending to be smug. I have few delusions. Still in Banff.
A swamp hike in banff. Smoke can make for pretty cool pictures.
Canooing in Banff. This is me playing Chief (Bethanne being my squa). We also saw a cariobou or elk or something of which Bethanne took about 23 pictures. I must have forgotten to add them to this report.
This is my "see? SMOKE!" picture. See it? See it?
And our next stop was Drunheller in the badlands. I guess it used to be tropical and then an ocean or something. Anyhow, Dinosaurs, you'll find them here. The place to be.
This is Bethanne, listening to something at the Dinosaur museum in Drumheller. Yeah, she's pretty beautiful.
And here's Bethanne about to be eaten by a Dinosaur.
And me looking suave. (I know, I know, a bit of a stretch of the definition.)
Ancient sea-turtle carnivorous thing.
Ancient sea-turtle carnivorous thing eating Bethanne!!!!!

Me riding a dino. Giddyeeup little Dino.
Bethanne at Windy Lake near Fort Macleod. (not wind like a clock, but wind, like the air, for all you Electra fans.) I really like this picture.
Aside from the Rockies and the badlands, Alberta seems to look like this. Midwest. Plenty-o'-sky.

(Or: I just wanted a slightly closer look at the falls.)
Bethanne decided to take a buch of pictures of my bum. People have strange habits.
The eleventh hour of the trip (or was it the elevnth hour of driving that day) brought about wearied frazzled states (no, I do not mean California).
Luckily at least one of us was clear of mind.

And that's the end of the trip report. A much needed vacation and very beautiful, and we both came back home relaxed having gotten out all our moving-to-Olympia-angst. Many pancakes we're eaten by heat of butane and tang, as we discovered, is not just for astronauts.

The End.

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