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San Diego Comic-Con 2003

This year was a bit odd for me. I have not been much myself for a while now and so I was serious and almost totally incapable of social interaction. I mean, I fared fine, but there is no snazziness really in this report to speak of. And I regretfully took only a few photos.

First, links. Shared the table with Jenn Manley Lee and Kip Manley. Stopping by our table, we welcomed (among many I'm sure I'll miss) Madison Clell, Scott McCloud, Carrie Lynn King, Patrick Farley, Derek Kirk, Travis Fox, Scott Kurtz, Tracy White, Daniel Merlin, Heather Madrigal (thanks for sketch, lovely), and Lori (Hi Lori!).

The Pants Pressers were there in full and were a pleasure to see. All very talented and very kind. They even offered to fill in for me whilst I was gone in August, but then the Little Dee strips were posted instead, just because even the organizing of that felt like it would be too much (but thank you all so much). Alphabetically they are: Vera Brosgol, Clio Chiang, Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen, Bill Mudron, and Jen Wang.

Also was the Dumbrella table. Much fun. There was, alphabetically: John Allison, Andrew Bell, Sam Brown, Jon Rosenberg, Jeff Rowland, and R Stevens.

I'm sure I'm missing many others, but there you go, enough links to keep you busy for a good long while. So, as stated, Heather Madrigal drew this little sketch for me:

And then my prized posession from the Con, Bill Mudron did me this sketch, and it just knocks my socks off.

And now on to photos, what few there are. This picture (which I happened to steal from Bill Mudron's site). Pensive. That's a good way to describe it. A fair description of me the entire week.

The trip began by me signing out the sign-out papers of my apartment, leaving me essentially homeless during San Diego technically. Not an emotionally good foot to start out on.

I wandered a bit for the first couple days before the Con began, mostly liked Balboa park.

At the Con, i got a picture of Kip in bunny ears as he manned the Pants Press table. Very cuddly that fellow.

Vera and John wandering about. Both charming and kind. What more to say? Oh, maybe that they also are both so really frikkin' talented, that and Vera is wearing Kips' hat.

And lastly, Lori. She's, well, she's Lori. She a curator at The Museum Of Jurassic Technology. And she's so sweet and kind, and as you can see, very photogenic.

Anyhow. that's it. Maybe see everyone again next year, with me a bit more in touch with reality.

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