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Sheppard and May was my first serious attempt at actively getting syndicated. I think it did pretty well. Lee Salem wrote me "we find the consistency of your dialogue and art work to be good". Jay Kennedy enclosed a personal note about which direction he feels I should go if I want to submit again (which I take as pretty high praise that he'd take the time). And Tribune ran it on their comicsedge website, which is essentially "the best of the rejected".

Oh, and in regards to the title, "Sheppard and May" was never more than a working title (and yes, I have been made aware of the awkward abbreviation "S&M"). But I never found a name I was satisfied with. "Sheppard's Pie" I felt was the worst choice (though the marketing people probably would have loved it). I was considering calling it "Dierdre" as the object of affection is classically the title of comics, but I'm still to this day unsure.

As far as a future for Sheppard and May, I'm afraid there is none. Since the syndicates turned it down, I do not have time to do TWO comic strips which I am not (as yet) make a living off of. Instead I am already developing another strip for the syndies.

Hope you enjoy,

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