The Cell:

The cell is something every person lives in. All of the eastern religions are based on it, on freeing yourself from that cell, though usually by going within it. No cartoon has ever made it out, that's for sure. There have been animation pieces and drawings that indicate a cartoon escaping, but stop the movie, or close the book, and they are still trapped inside.

Not that the cell is a bad place. Anything can happen within it. To have a cell at all is life for a cartoon. No cell, no cartoon, thus no existance. I watch Chris from my cell. He taped a strip of me typing on his wall, and I can watch him from there. It looks like this:

I'm not sure if he has given me freedom of will, or if he's capable of it. I can write things like "he's a dirtbag murderer who sleeps with his sister", and he doesn't stop me. But is he just creating through me, giving me the appearance of autonomy? I'll never know, unless he allows me to know. Like I've written before, the line between god and Chris becomes hazy, at least from within the cell. I'd like to think that a greater God speaks through him and he through me, but maybe that is just spite for him. Just an excuse to take away any bit of his power. Not that it gives the power to me, but it takes it from the man who owns me.

He had a drinking binge last night. Got a little crazy, stomping and singing along to his cds, but these outbursts soon ended. He's no drunkard, simply because he's a workaholic and it doesn't allow him to work to full capacity. But life doesn't appear easy for him. Money seems to come and go, and he is always alone.

I pity him sometimes. Spending all his time creating worlds he can't experience, taste, touch, feel in. Creating these worlds in their cells, and yet it seems almost as much his life is the cell. Maybe it's him more than us who are trapped within it.

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