Mystery Science Theater 2000:

I felt while we're on the topic of the whole test-market strip-run that Chris created, that I'd have a little critique. I'd like to think that Chris's work is, of course, ABOVE critique.... but, it simply isn't in any way, fashion, form, or inherent possibility.

Thinking that I couldn't be completely objective, I invited two acquaintences to join me. the first is "May" who, as well, has an inside perspective; having played in the strips as a love interest across from myself. And Frank, well, Frank is Chris's younger self's Halloween alter-ego, which he dressed up as every year. I found him wandering, stinking drunk, down the hallways of Chris's nostalgia. He was, needless to say, happy to join us (especially with additional offers of refreshments).

So, without further ado, let's roll the strip.

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