Universality of Non-Agers / Knowledge Beyond Means:

Yeah, I was eating popcorn with the rest of the cartoons, sitting behind Chris's eyes as he got all worked up and pumped watching "the Matrix", a "B-movie" at best; but it made me think of an interesting point, and that is of knowledge.

Okay, now when Chris has to learn something, say it's to learn how to speak French, he has to read or listen to instructional tapes, and since he's an idiot, this is a slow and monotonous process for the rest of us to witness.

Whereas we have as much knowledge as we want, and all at our fingertips. Say I want to have read Ulysses. Okay, I've read it. I can tell you it's long winded and confusing and a big mess. And Chris hasn't even read it, but I control my reality (well, okay, he does). Of course I can't tell you the small details of the book, since Chris is like a filter: if he doesn't know it, he can't express it through me. But since he knows it exists (and believe me, his subconscious knows a hell of a lot more than he ever will) then I can have "read" it. And though I don't know all the details, I can make reference to it; that only takes his cooperation in opening the book to random pages or buying the cliff notes.particularly.

Age is another odd ingredient in this pudding. And it's pretty important. Okay, so I'm a what... six year old? Give or take? And I definitely have knowledge beyond me means. I can understand complex thoughts, and I can express political and philosophical ideas in children's language. Old "Calvin" was one of the geniuses in that realm. Such a nimble wit.

And then we have the reverse side. Say I became syndicated, well... I mean of course: say that for instance Chris in his godlike miraculousness got us syndicated (it would take a miracle for something he created to get that far). If the strip became syndicated and had a 20 years run (give or take) how much more would I know? Off-cell, I could learn as much as his subconscious allowed. But there's something about working in a strip, that can make a cartoon forget the outside and lose themselves in it. You can become the character he's created. Like a bully beating you down, eventually you become submissive.

So would I become a dunce? A simple child who knew nothing outside of his childhood fictitious life? An eternal dwelling on the boiled down remains of complex problems of the life and world?

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