01/27/15 Artifacts 17


033 master grey2

So, a monster of a blizzard is hitting New England. Amazingly it looks like it's going to just pass by us. Maybe 3 inches. Keep safe everyone just ever so slightly further east than me. Batten down and stay warm.

01/26/14 Superguy


Hi! I traveled out to visit my parents, and logistics just didn't work out right. I'm about to drive home, and won't be home until after midnight, and have no comic ready. So, I pulled out this gem I drew a while back. Enjoy!

12/31/14 - The End

The last strip! Enjoy!



And Happy New Years!

Annnnnnd..... link to the ONE WAY KICKSTARTER! Let’s get this thing printed! Thank you all who have pledged so far! :)


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