12/18/14 Artifacts 06


Doctor's appointment today (wednesday), just a general checkup, and healthy clean bill of health. Yay! :)

12/17/14 Difficult Decisions


Phew! Car bought, insurance paid for, registered, plates retrieved, picked up, and dropped off at a garage for tune-up and inspection. Fingers crossed it's not a lemon!

And I am going to put this out there again. We have found a wonderful loving home for Lucy, but Babette is still needing one. She is a year-and-a-half old, we found her abandoned under a porch with crusty-shut eyes and big paws. She's healthy now, with all her shots and spayed and everything. She is very playful, so if you ALREADY HAVE kitties who really like to play she could make a perfect companion. We have a cat, Mimi, who is terrified of playing and runs, and Babette thinks it is a fun game, and so it turned into a very unhealthy and miserable relationship and we've had to split our apartment in two.

My impression is that she would NOT love being a single kitty, as she is SO social and interactive. She LOVES petting, especially in the morning, although she does NOTseem to be a lap kitty. Would rather lay right next to you for hours (I work from home, and she spends most of the day laying near to me).

If you live anywhere within a few hours of Glens Falls/Albany, I'm willing to drive her. I just want her to have a happy and loving home.

Just drop me a line.


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