07/25/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 23


Okay, all services are up for me except Internet, so I'm posting this from my phone. But I feel fully capable of posting now, so am back on track.

Will blog more later when I am not trying to wrestle with Wordpress on a phone browser. :)

Little Dee, Tue & Thur


So, today is going to be the last day of daily "Little Dee" strips for now. I have loved bringing the daily strip back to life, but I am currently in full-development for other projects, most notably whatever project will come after Anna Galactic ends in Aug/Sep. This extra intense work (plus other work/freelance projects) means that it has become harder and harder (and less fun) to focus and come up with "Little Dee" strips, and I wish to put it aside before I start putting up sub-standard work.

If you wish me to send you an email if there is more Little Dee material to come, email me here, and I'll add you to an email list (I know, that's old school, but littledee.net runs on a very old version of Wordpress, and I can't get it to accept a new plugin to set up "subscriptions" or anything like that).

best, Christopher

For larger size, archive, and Little Dee comments, please visit LittleDee.net

12/24/15 Epilogue 04

123 master grey

P.S. - Don's been working on and posting a lot of work on Tumblr. Check out his new stuff.

[a message from Don Ahé, the artist of Yontengu]

Hi Readers,

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read Yontengu. I appreciate that Christopher let me stretch my  drawing arm on his platform, and letting me grow as an artist in his arena.

I met Christopher as a fan of Little Dee, shortly after I started Road Apples Almanac. Dee 's art and humour placed it as an all time favorite of mine right along side Cul-De-Sac, Calven and Hobbes, and Krazy Kat.

The best way to grow as an artist is to keep drawing and pushing yourself, I needed to get out of my anthropomorphic cartoon bubble, this project was tackled for that reason and so I could say I finished a book. Which I now have, thanks to Christopher, who offered to write a story and give me a chance to show his audience!

Working with Christopher was great, he handed over a basic script with few suggestions and let me do what I wanted, if I had story concerns or suggestions he would listen and most of the time make the changes I thought would help, (there weren't many). He let me expand a 104 pg script to 123 pgs, to pace it the way I liked. In turn Christopher rarely made any art suggestions unless I asked, or it was crucial to the story. At the beginning when I was have some personal problems he roughly thumbnailed the 5 page Earthling, Annaarden chapter for me. Thanks again Christopher!

I wish you all a Happy new year, thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Don Ahe.

P.S. I hope you enjoyed reading Christopher's story as I did bringing it to life

[a message from Christopher Baldwin, the author of Yontengu]

Hi Readers,

I'm writing this because Don did, and I like the idea! Thank you all for following us with Yontengu.

When I first read Road Apples Almanac, I was delighted. I loved the nostalgic feeling, both innocent and sophisticated, reminding me of Krazy Kat and Nausicaa other comics. I was happy to finally meet Don during one of the years I tabled at TCAF in Toronto, and without hesitation mentioned that if he ever wanted to collaborate, it would be my pleasure.

And what a pleasure it was when he asked! He had asked for an oldie classic sci-fi feel about a young woman who can fly, and I took to it with enthusiasm.

but the exciting thing for me is to see him take that idea and bring it to life. it's odd being a cartoonist and have someone else (who you admire) adapt your work. They make many choices you would not make, but if you admire them, they become fascinating wonderful choices. I am thrilled with how Don brought out the material.

And there will be a printed collection to be sold through TopatoCo, but we won't have it all pre-pressed and printed until probably February or March.

best, Christopher

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