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7/2/02 - Well, I did it again. I had the strip lettered, and then I drew in Elian and Bruno, and I was thinking of tossing in the same reference for the background as yesterday as they would be in the same place and plus it was the only reference i had for that exact spot, only they were now facing in the opposite direction. I needed to see what was on the opposite side. And so fifteen minutes after midnight, I found myself out on a chilly July night with clipboard in hand and pen in pocket. Sitting in the dark and breezy air, trying to imagine what this scene would look like during the daytime, and smiling at the hubbub next to me of what appeared to be the roadies for the "Goo-Goo Dolls" packing up their busses. I just figure that at least I wasn't peeking in bars like last time, trying to make any sort of decisions whatsoever. It was a simple "go there, sit, and draw".

But I wouldn't do it if i didn't love it. It's just so funny. I feel like a very peculiar fellow. Possibly demented. I guess you gotta' seize it and follow it by any means.

Anyhow, in actual news, it does look like I will most like be getting half a table at the San Diego ComicCon, but I'm having difficulty confirming. I'll post as soon as I know for sure and give all the details.


7/3/02 - In case you didn't notice, in the right-hand margin of today's strip, she is talking about the movie "the Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys".

And speaking of which, the first movie week went pretty well. A fair amount of peeople voted last week ('Memento" won), and a fairly lengthy debate has ensued this week on the Bruno Board. Again, the site which CV and Gordon Davidescu have set up with a voting page for the movie choice is www.xentrik.net/stoneangel/moviepoll.html

And I'm getting this down better, tonight I went out with my clipboard to draw at only 9:30pm, and I even could have gone earlier, but wanted to draw it with nightime lighting. I sat behind a 5 minute parking zone, and after about two mintues, a huge fire engine parked right in front of me. Fortunately they left after about five minutes and I resumed. But after they left, somebody else parked there for the remaining hour or so when I drew, which made me keep having to move. Ah well. I didn't key his car or anything. I'm a good boy.


7/4/02 - Hey US people, happy 4th and all. I wish we'd join the international court. I despise our president. Etc etc. But like any country of people, I have found a tremendous amount of love and understanding in ours, albeit in the cracks and crevices. And I appreciate (although I doubt I deserve it) our freedoms and ease of life. Either way, I'll try to eat lots of snacks and get over myself.


7/5/02 - Hey, if anyone's curious, Scott Kurtz took a week off from pvp and had guests draw this week's strips. The one today is of my evil doing.


7/09/02 - So yeah, anyways, sorry about yesterday's pun "to lose" "one Lou", I can't tell you how long I laughed about how stupid that puchline was, i adored it.

And today, you may recognize the liter'ry references, all revelations and Lucky Charms, but thanks to this General Mills related Web Site, Did you know that

Regarding General Mills' Lucky Charms, Lucky was born in 1964. Lucky's full name is L.C. Leprechaun, and he touts his cereal as being "Magically Delicious." Lucky the Leprechaun magically changes ordinary, shapeless white marshmallows into shapes with bright colors. Originally he put the pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers into Lucky Charms cereal. In 1975 he added blue diamonds. Purple horseshoes arrived in 1984. Red balloons were added in 1989.

In 1991 the star-in-balloon replaced both the red balloon and the orange star. A blue, yellow and pink rainbow was added in 1992. The yellow and orange Pot of Gold replaced the yellow moon in 1994. New brighter colors were introduced in 1995 along with the return of the moon, only now it is blue! And the star was changed from a 6-point to 5-point shape. A dark green clover in a light green hat replaced the green clover in 1996.

The primary marshmallow shapes, as of January 1999, are: red balloons, blue moons, pink hearts, multi-colored rainbows, yellow and white shooting stars, Lucky's green hat with a green clover, orange and yellow pot of gold, and purple horseshoes.

As the story goes, a predatory whale swirled the colors on the marshmallows in 1986, and was subsequently "punished" by being turned into a rainbow-colored whale marshmallow for a limited time. Green pine trees were featured as an Earth Day promotion, and an annual Christmas version of Lucky Charms includes festive holiday marshmallows. Olympic "Marbits" (1996) and "Twisted" (1997) two-color shapes: Pot of Gold, Moon, Balloon, Horseshoe, and Heart have been boxed.

In early 1999, General Mills celebrated an "Around the World Event" with globally famous marshmallow shapes. These are: green and yellow torch, gold pyramid, blue Eiffel Tower, orange Golden Gate Bridge, purple Liberty Bell, pink and white Leaning Tower of Pisa, red and white Big Ben clock, and green and white Alps.

Later in 1999, they went back to their previous shapes except they modified the blue moons by giving them a yellow mouth and called them "Man in the Moon". This promotion featured Lucky wearing a green space suit with a bubble helmet.

Lucky Charms was the first cereal to include marshmallow pieces (technically called "marbits"). Marbits were invented by John Holahan in 1963.


7/10/02 - Just thought I'd mention, there will be a Sunday strip this week.

Also of note, in case any of you are confused by today's strip (I usually do a "bubble" format for this), she's having a nightmare, it's not actually happening.


7/11/02 - SanDiego Comic-con

Well, it looks like I'm going. got the table reserved. Got the plane ticket. I've never been to a Comic Convention before, and from what I hear, this will be dropping myself into the comic mad-pit of insanity. Supposedly it's become hugely weird cross-polinated with movie tie-ins, anime, and now a lot of web-comic face. I'm very very curious.

But all is not planned. As ever with my travels, I was wondering if anyone could assist me with lodging. Here's the situation. I will be in San Diego from Wednesday night until Sunday (July 31-Aug 4), so am needing a place to stay from Wednesday through Saturday night. The other thing is my entourage... uh... i mean, my friends. Kip, as many of you know from his eloquent forward for book#7 (maybe i can get him to sign a few books too), and his wife, Jenn, who many of you know from her amazing comic book dicebox, will be joining me down there from Thursday night through Saturday night. They are very polite folk, and much better than I at knowing what they're talking about when it comes to comics or anything intellectual for that matter. Would anybody be able to put them up with me too? Originally we had hoped to stay with a friend of theirs, but the friend will be in LA unfortunately. And the last thing is, being that we won't have a car, it'd have to at least be reasonably bus accessible to get to and fro in regards to the San Diego Convention Center.

And last, but certainly not least, is the person I'll be sharing the table with. Stan! I'm not sure exactly what he does (or doesn't do), but he seems like an upright swarthy fellow, good for table laughs and silliness, and has a great fez. What will he be doing at the Con? Hm. I forgot to ask, hey Stan... Well, anyhow, more on that later, for now: Check out his site! At http://stannex.com!


7/12/02 - Let's bullet-point today.
-There will be a Sunday strip.
-To reiterate, this is a dream she's having.
-My drawing hand is all cramped from cross-hatching.
-The Comic-con is Aug 1-4, I had forgotten to mention.
-The Comic-con site if you're curious.
-Don't forget to MovieVote this week, if you plan on watching.


7/15/02 - A couple of things today.

First is that the Bruno drawings I have up on ebay will be coming down in the next couple of weeks. Since ebay doesn't let you decide the exact amount of time, etc, some will be coming down on Thursday, the rest through the end of the month. I plan to take all drawings which are un-sold, plus the ones I have not posted yet, and bring them with me to the Comic-Con to sell. So if you want any that are listed, get them now or possibly miss out.

Secondly, we have precured a place to stay. Thanks to Kate for her generous offer to host our surely weary heads and feet during the long days of the Comic-Con. Thank you Kate!

if you missed it, don't forget there was a Sunday strip last week.

I finally did my spring cleaning this weekend, and my head is kinda' spinning from inhaling too much bleach.

bleach bleach bleach bleach, good for white, but not for fishies.


7/17/02 - So where's bruno? Why are we seeing a phone conversation with only Stanley even though he's talking to Bruno? and for those of you with more acute sense, why is the strip ever-so-slightly taller? Well, first of all, because it wokrs fine as it is. But the actual reasoning is, basically the conversation will last more than one day, and so I'm thinking kinda' how it will appear in the books. If today and tomorrow are slightly taller strips, then they will end up closer together, appearing almost as one panel split in half. So today will show Stanley, and tomorrow Bruno. We'll see how they look on the archive page on thursday together like that. Anyhow, just another experiment.


7/20/02 - Hey Everybody, so yeah, this week wasn't a bad week, it was perhaps exhausting and a bit stressful, but only because it was over-busy. Working full-time again. I saw the director's cut of Amadeus on Wednesday (adds some real nice missing depth to the characters of Saliari and Stanzie and also the financial situation of Wolfgang and Stanzie, plus explains the tension between Saliari and Stanzie at the end). And then tonight after work I went and saw They Might Be Giants who i haven't seen since their John Henry tour. Lots of fun, as much as i allowed myself. Which is a wee bit

But it's late, I still am stressed from this week, and I'm going to go to bed and get a really good night's sleep. I feel i should amuse you all with something, some sketch or something, but I just wish to sleep. So I told you about my week, barely a bone to throw. And sometime tomorrow I'll get up, and get about to doing the strip.



7/21/02 - Still no strip, but I can talk a bit more about it as I'm abit more sane right now.

So I just overworked myself this week and had a wee bit of a panic attack. It was to the point where I was desperately trying to use my 15 minute breaks at work to come up with the text and even begin to sketch out the next day's Bruno. Friday night I knew I wouldn't have the strip even lettered by the time i went out to see TMBG, and just something snapped and I shut down. Saturday I spent with someone I'm close to, just walking around, brunch out, we saw a movie, etc. And I felt some better, albeit yet another day behind. :)

So yeah, so I finally wrote and lettered Saturday's strip on Saturday night, when a woman called me who I've been trying to meet up with to discuss some factual and biographical information regarding upcoming bruno plotlines. "I have some time, come over for pizza. Oh hey, and bring the pizza." And so I did, and now it's really late, i just got back home, I know a hell of a lot more on the topic than i did, but Bruno is yet agaiun not done. And I'm trying not to stress. i'm going to go to bed, and hopefully draw it on Sunday. But we'll see, i'm not gonna' try to kill myself about this right now, because until the end of the month my life is going to be this hectic, and I need to be relaxed enough to tperform, at work, about this convention, a freelance gig, and of course, Bruno. Only the highest standards.


7/22/02 - So yeah, caught up. Both Saturday's and Monday's strip posted, although they would have paced a lot better if Saturday's actually had fallen on Saturday. Oh, and I bet you all are wondering why in my last post i said i had "written and lettered Saturday's strip" and now it has no dialogue. Well, I changed stuff around a little and scrapped what i had written (or actually, I guess i postponed it). But yeah.

And i still feel overwhelmed, but at least I'm back on top of things. Saturday i did relax a bit, and Sunday i worked non-stop for fifteen hours, and got mostly done what I needed to. So now, we'll see if between now and the end of the month i can keep this up.


7/24/02 - yup yup. going to the Comic-con, july31-Aug 4 (possibly may skip out or only do a half day aug 4), in san diego. Yup. Want to sleep now though.

Oh and don't forget to vote for the movie of the week if you wish to discuss it on the bulletin board.


7/25/02 - Well, first of all I wanted to point you all to a review I recieved for Bruno book#7 "Lebensraum" from Steven Grant at "Comic Book Resources" very cool, thanks Steven! Read the review HERE. Also thanks to John for pointing it out to me.

Secondly.... is there a secondly? Well, for one thing, More thanks. Thanks to Kate for volunteering to put up the weary heads of Kip, Jenn, and myself for the upcomingSan Diego Comic-Con. And also thanks to Tony for his willingness to recieve far too many very heavy boxes of merchandise in San Diego for me to retrieve when I arrive.

Oh right, San Diego, been meaning to ask, I don't have much time to wander the web these days, see all the other strips out there. Are there any other web comic strip people going that anyone knows of? If you do know, please email me or post on the bulletin board. I know Abrams (sluggy) is going but that's it. Would love to brush up beforehand and then actually talk with some people in the field.

And now, to a well deserved actually pretty-much full night of sleep. Not that i can justify it right now. :)


07/26/02 - Well, thank you all so much for telling who will be at the San Diego Comic-Con (Yup, I'll be there, table #E4). haven't had time to go through them all, but I think i got them all and the links right, here's the basic list of what people sent. THANKS!!

R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties
Jeffrey Rowland of WIGU
Sam Brown of Exploding Dog
Jon Rosenberg and phillip karlsson of Goats
Steve Notley of Bob the Angry Flower
Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade 
Jeff Rowland of When I grow up
A slew of keenspotters
John Allison of Scarey-Go-Round and Bobbins
Shaenon K. Garrity of Narbonic
Derek Kirk of Small Stories Online
Greg Stephens of ZWOL strange and Beautiful
Scott McCloud of Understanding Comics and ZOT!
 Cat Garza of Magic Inkwell
Jack Masters
a list of folks from Modern Tales
Terry Moore of Strangers in Paradise
Peter Abrams of Sluggy


07/29/02 - A few things about this week:

1. Wednesday through Saturday July 31-Aug 3 (and most likely the first part of Sunday, the 4th) I will be at the San Diego Comic-Con.

2. I will sharing table "E4" with Stan, under the business directory name "Bruno and Stan!"

3. There WILL be strips every day this week, usual time. The Comic-con will NOT interrupt Bruno.

4. Any Bruno book or T-shirt order will be fulfilled monday or tuesday when I return.

5. Packy is the famous Portland elephant, having been, in 1962, the first elephant to be born in the Western Hemisphere for 44 years.


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