01/27/17 Diary: Cats in Beulah




It’s Friday, time for another Diary Strip.

Juggling between two houses, even though close, and only cats, has been more of a challenge that I thought. Packing up and setting up my work station twice a day is just killer. Partially because I’m very easily distractible and it takes me a while to get going (where, once I get going, I can go for 10 hours straight).

Not a real complaint. Life’s pretty good.

And I have disabled comments for this strip, because it is my policy to not have political discussions here. Which some may feel unfair as I, MYSELF, have mentioned politics in this strip. But know that I respect your opinion, I know some of you agree or disagree, and I only include it in this strip — not to incite debate — but because it is my own personal experience. Which is what this comic is about.