01/20/17 Diary: Back to Beulah




It’s Friday, time for another Diary Strip.

It’s been a good time staying with Allana and John. I didn’t mention, but there is no internet in the guest house, so that’s been both good (because it’s nice to be out of touch every once in a while), but also OMG no contact with the outside world! Oy!


    1. I don’t know; I’ve had to go to that airport before sunrise and that apparition is certainly creepy. It’s in an area that is otherwise poorly lit, there are no lights illuminating the horse, and those eyes feel as if the angry soul of every vengeful spirit within a hundred miles are glaring at you.

  1. fookiesan

    Here’s hoping Cedra had plane tickets for MilwaukEE — that Pfister hotel is quite lovely — ’cause although Portland’s south suburb is getting nicer, I just don’t think an art show down there would generate the kind of traffic she would be hoping for. Plus, the only Pfister I can think of in MilwaukIE would be the cheap Price-Pfister fixtures in the various motels along McLoughlin Blvd.

  2. Muzhik

    Hey, remember a few months back when we were first introduced to Bikkie and we had discussions about sharing coffee shops with sapient kangaroos? Well, read THIS:

    Humans, not climate, killed off Australia’s big beasts

    Before the arrival of homo sapiens, Australia boasted 450-kilogramme (1,000-pound) kangaroos, wombats weighing as much as a rhino, eight-metre (25-foot) lizards, larger-than-human birds, and car-sized tortoises.

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