02/24/17 Diary: Still Life




Oh, it’s been such a relief this week. A freelance job I’ve been puttering at for a couple months now, I finally finished it! That always feels good. And freeing. Even though it was super fun to draw.

Anyhow. Hi! Friday. Diary Strip. Have a great weekend!


John Darnielle (born March 16, 1967) is an American musician and novelist, best known as the primary member of the the Mountain Goats.


  1. War Pig

    Ellie was probably having lion thoughts as she watched the deer. Our cats will watch sparrows fighting and scuffling outside the screen and the tom (Half Stash Clyde) will actually lick his lips rapidly. His sister (Cuddle Bug) purrs and flexes the muscles which cause her claws to extend and retract.

    I like that time of day, too, as well as the corresponding time in the evening. Twilight (either end of the day) has always been my favorite time. That’s one thing I like about living at higher latitudes – more, and more spectacular, twilight.

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