05/26/17 Diary: Snickerdoodling




You wouldn’t think a week in the woods would be very busy, but it seemed to be, even though most of the things here seem somewhat silly. But lovely. I love having these memories.


Farley McGill Mowat (May 12, 1921 to May 6, 2014) was a Canadian writer and environmentalist.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    They would be great for clearing out any mice, rats and crickets from your place before they move on. Most of the them, spiders, don’t like us. Unlike roaches, spiders do not like being near us humans. Maybe we are too hot and oily to them.

  2. War Pig

    North American wolves suffer from our European-based population’s collective memory and experiences with Eurasian wolves, which can be a definite threat to humans.




    My People (Blackfoot) have a long history with wolves. The wolf is not seen as a killer among us, but as a teacher and a guide.


    1. reynard61

      They also suffer from the cattleman’s laziness and reluctance to spend any money to actively protect their herds. (Though they aren’t particularly reluctant to spend money on lobbying Congresscritters to get wolf conservation measures de-funded or killed in committee.)

    1. Muzhik

      I remember the scene where he was practicing what he preached. He picked up a sandwich with a mouse tail hanging out of it and took a big bite.

      Sorry. Just … too much fur for my taste.

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