12/01/17 Diary: Independence Lake




Goodness, sometimes I just love our silly quiet little life.


  1. Dave Levy

    Had the biggest feeling of Deja Vu on the drawing of Cedra by the lake and realized it was one of the photos on this link: https://blog.halide.cam/the-power-of-raw-on-iphone-part-1-shooting-raw-ef02becb7002.

    At the very least it inspired me to thank you for all of your work (and these diary pages). As a boring cog in an insurance company, with kids who are going into the arts, it helps reduce the worry I have about them by seeing you guys do what you love and being happy and successful along the way.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    I do so like seeing things related I find intriguing and wish mine were as interesting and comforting. It still gladdens the heart seeing some of how others live. Just a great feeling of this sharing Mr. Baldwin. Thanx again for doing so.

  3. Jude

    I miss evenings spent with good friends, food and games so reading about yours, it warms my heart to know you and Cedra doing so. Years from now if circumstances change a lot, you’ll have those wonderful memories to go over.

    What is Cedra planning on doing with my cloak she’s making? If she were to donate it to a museum or art gallery, I’m sure others would be in awe with both the cloak and its creator.

    As for nails, I feel the same way. I stopped biting them many years back but ended up picking at the skin beside the nails. πŸ˜› To me, nails aren’t meant to be decorative (as many other women think) but to be useful. Unfortunately, my nails are too thin to serve any purpose so I keep them very short. They’re neither decorative nor useful.

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