02/09/18 Diary: Simplicity



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We eat the best.


  1. I love reading how simple your lives are and how much attuned you and Cedra are with each other. When I say simple, I don’t mean that your lives aren’t filled with lots of varied activities but in the sense of getting joys from simple things like the onion and manzanita, discussing a movie afterward with such pleasure, hikes, cooking/baking and just being in each other’s company. Your lives aren’t complicated by convoluted conflicting emotions and the general idea of what the ‘rat race’ holds.

    I forgot to mention how much I’ve enjoyed Cedra’s art on the site you prvoided. I was blown away by her camel drawings – the detail down to the tiniest hairs! Please tell her this. I didn’t look at everything at once as I liked looking and studying her art in smaller doses the way one would eat a BIG chocolate bar.

    I’m curious – does Cedra work from photos in work like this since camels aren’t exactly known for posing nicely? Had she noticed each of their personalities by being around them for extended periods or were they described to her? Another question if you don’t mind. How long, in hours, would one camel portrait take for Cedra to do?

    I’ve always felt an impatience when I sketch. I’m pretty sure if someone wants to do a sketch like Cedra’s, they need to be patient. Being able to realistically represent a 3 dimensional object in 2 dimensional form doesn’t make one an artist though. But doing so with passion, patience and imagination does. It’s why I’ll never be an artist. (It’s funny that I’m usually very patient with others but often impatient with myself. ???)

    1. Thank you! And I passed along your praise. šŸ™‚ She takes photos and then works from them. She spent a couple months around them, and so yes, she did get a good feel of their personalities, which is somewhat what sparked the idea. Time varies greatly, as he does them exactly to size, and the biggest one is twice the size of the smallest. šŸ™‚

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