05/25/18 Diary: Bristlecone Pines




Okay, we’ve landed in New Mexico. I’ve had time to draw one of the two strips of our travels (the second one may have to be a double strip even). Theoretically, next week I’ll be able to post both. 🙂


  1. War Pig

    Which one? There are two in that area. We did some diving training in Big Soda Lake. We’d dive on the old soda works and the so-called “ghost forest”. Big Soda Lake’s conditions were an almost exact twin to the place where we had to go on occasion for missions. Diving in soda water is different from regular seawater or freshwater and takes different skills, hence the training.

    Used to be the only access was by an ill-maintained dirt road. We got there in big old, civilian, Jeep Wagoneers (that’ll date it a bit) and brought our stuff with us. We posed as a dive club.

    I remember being completely inundated with brine shrimp once while there. Literally could not see more than a foot from my face they were so thick. I also remember that, while the surface waters were quite warm (uncomfortably warm when wearing a wet suit), the deeper waters were very cold which made us glad for the wet suits. Our instructor said it was because only springs fed the lake and it had no entrance or exit streams, creeks or rivers, hence no “turnover” in the deeper waters. Also a lot of algae on the surface.

    One strange effect was that it temporarily lightened my natural brown hair color a couple of shades when we spent considerable time in the waters.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    I’ll have to look into this Soda Lake for more detailed info. Those pines are some of the longest living life-forms on our planet. But only one is identified as “immortal” and that would be a jellyfish. Only if you know a Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish…when it gets old it reforms as a young one again. Could live forever theoretically. A sort of Time Lord only it stays the same jellyfish. Imagine if it could be done for adult humans. It would be like at 70 you turn back into a 25 year old.

    Curiously one year before the first regeneration of Dr. Who Keith Laumer novel called, “A Trace of Memory” had just that theme.

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