06/01/18b Diary: Salton Sea




Okay, I am caught up with the journal comic after being on the road. The final week on the road was so busy, I had to split it into two strips. That plus being a week behind, means 3 strips get posted today. Oy!

This is strip #2 of today’s strips.


  1. I grew up in this area, just south of the Salton Sea, and currently live a bit west of those windmills. 🙂 I included them in a novel I wrote.

    Always love reading about your rambles and looking at your artwork. Thanks.

  2. War Pig

    I actually remember when the Salton Sea was a fun place and attracted lots of vacationers. Sadly, I also saw it go downhill. Know what movie was filmed there?

    “The Monster That Challenged The World”.

    It had Hans Conried in it as a scientist. Released in 1957. When we first went there it had a resort atmosphere. Dad was transferred from North American in Ohio to Rockwell/Rocketdyne for the space program and military work. As kids, we loved to go to the Salton Sea and watch the mud volcanoes and complain about their sulfuric odor.

    We got to go there a lot as quite a few things connected with the space program and military projects were tested at the Salton Sea and the surrounding dry areas. Navy UDT (predecessors of the SEALs) trained there and helped with the testing.

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