06/22/18 Diary: Santa Fe Culture




Cedra is back! I’m a happy man again.


  1. War Pig

    Actually, science is of several minds about whether time actually exists at all. We know so little about how it works or where it came from. Like Ghost-Quarks, Time is entirely in the eye of the beholder, many think. The razor about which side of a locked bathroom door you’re on is one conundrum.

    If you want to upset your mind a little, read this:


    Like gravity, we cannot manufacture time, or create anti-time anymore than we can create anti-gravity (despite what people say about Area 51). Our means of measuring time are completely arbitrary. In fact, observing time may change it as observation changes elementary particles in quantum theory.


  2. TB

    This strip is fascinating on a weird level for me. It’s like Woody Allen’s Master thesis.

    I’m waiting for you to suddenly go to a Chuck E. Cheese and get drunk on cheap beer just so my brain suddenly spins into the ditch.

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