07/27/18 Diary: Museum Hill




And it already feels like this was a million lifetimes ago. So much change!


  1. War Pig

    Do you find any hesitancy from people looking for house-sitters due to the occasional thief and squatter issues, or is there sort of an “old boy/girl” network where names of good sitters are passed around like women do names of really good hairstylists? My dearly departed and other career military spouses knew by word of mouth every really good stylist within 30 miles of any military base. All they had to do was check in with the local spouses from your new unit and within fifteen minutes she knew who were trustworthy stylists, mani-pedi shops, babysitters (VERY important) and in general everything she’d need. If she had an unusual requirement such as, say, someone to taker her to a clinic for a test which required a driver to take her home (like an upper GI) while I was deployed, and who would sit with her while she napped and/or wore off the anesthetic and look after the kids and make supper, she likewise could find such a trustworthy woman with a couple of phone calls.

    Is it sort of like that or is there some sort of publication or website or web forum? I may need a house sitter for a couple of weeks to sit the house and care for the cats, is why I ask.

    1. When traveling, since nobody knows us from Adam, we use websites. There’s about a dozen out there. We’ve had some good luck with mindmyhouse.com.

      But when in an area, yes, our name does start to get passed around. It’s like any service job — you do good work, people talk about it.

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