10/05/18 Diary: Guanajuato




One page simply wasn’t enough. (there was a comic yesterday, and will be another tomorrow!)


  1. My goodness. Guanajuato sounds like an amazing place. As an American it’s so easy to only know about the resorts on the coast. But that town seems like it’s well worth visiting!

    Also, I love the idea of the Don Quijote Museum. Really any show or museum that takes an idea or concept and shows all the variations people have in interpreting it is so fascinating to me.

  2. War Pig

    I remember back in the 60s reading comics from Mexico in southern California. Most of the authentic Mexican-written and drawn comics back then dealt with matadors and luchadores. The matadors were always heroes and yes, you would not like them as the books graphically depicted bullfighting. When not displaying
    their machismo fighting bulls the matadors were agents defeating criminals. Of course, the luchadores were both heroes and villains, depending the mask. The masks are how you told them apart. There was another comic that had the Federales as heroes, if I recall correctly. But the Mexican kids living in the area all seemed to love American comics. For some reason Pixie and Dixie were hugely popular as was, of course, Speedy Gonzales. Gumby and Pokey claymation cartoons were also Hispanic favorites back then, so much so that they dubbed them into Spanish on the Spanish television stations we could get from Tijuana in LA.

  3. sid mathai

    Looks like we’ll have to visit this place at some point. Guanajuato looks like an amazingly colorful town. We’ve visited Oaxaca and surrounding country side for a week during the “dia de los muertos” festival and that was a fantastic trip.

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