11/09/18 Diary: Election Week




Done. I get to lie down now.


    1. NYC the weekend of the 17-18 (and a few days around). But… no planned appearances, I am just doing a short trip to visit friends and family (and the photo shoot). I am hoping when the next Spacetrawler book comes out (late 2019 I’m guessing?) I’ll start doing conventions again, and would love to hit NYC.

  1. I love fall except for the inevitable fall cold I get. I just woke up with it today. On my vacation. Oh well. At least it waited for a few days and didn’t ruin the ENTIRE thing.

    The mysterious photo shoot in NYC sounds very interesting. ????

    I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Yes! Fall is my favorite time of year. 🙂

      The photo shoot! I didn’t mean to be vague, I was just sick and muddled. I am finally taking model reference pictures for my “scuba story” graphic novel, and this will be the first pics, and of the protagonist, so it’s the first huge step towards drawing it! 🙂

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