02/01/19 Diary: Un-Nomadicking




Yay! We made it, and have begun our (Cedra’s really) year-long residency in Roswell, NM! Next week I’ll draw more about the place. 🙂


  1. War Pig

    If you’re into meat, try Chef Todzilla’s gourmet burgers (I believe they had vegan items as well, but we weren’t interested). I passed thru Roswell for the first time in many years with a companion last year and stopped in for a bite. We were quite happy when we left. I had the green chili burger, because I could, and my travel companion had the Gruyère grilled cheese. She also had the hand cut fries and the cucumber salad, but had to give me the onions as the red onion they used was a bit much for her. I had the tumbleweeds (onion straws) and they were excellent.

  2. Peter Rogan

    I’ve never been to New Mexico, so I look forward to your impressions of it and Roswell. Another friend of mine has a fantasy book series with covers done by a British artist, Peter Elson (now deceased, alas, at forty-seven) who also never saw New Mexico, except for the photos my friend sent him shot from his doorstep. The results, the Timura Trilogy covers, are breathtaking. Once again I’m envious. I long for more to feed my head, and you’re now in one of the most amazing visual buffets in the country. Do have fun soaking in it. It will do wonders for you, I’m sure.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    It is marvelous you give us your itinerary and impressions. Most of whom I have not been to, only seen in photos or read about. So I can imagine a little what it must have been.

    Being ill makes everything sour. Nothing looks, feels or tastes right. Glad it wasn’t serious. Just a little time out caused by it.

    Ah, I will have pizza soon, just not now. Thanx for the reminder. At least once a month get one.

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