02/22/19 Diary: Full Of Life, Full Of Work




I also tried not to freak out about how much I hope to get done this year. but that’s a normal daily task. 😉



  1. tudza

    Good that it was a black widow. Those are indoor-outdoor spiders if I remember so it will probably be fine outside.

    I don’t think this is the original article on the subject I read a couple years ago, but it says what I remember, which is that a good many spiders you toss out will just die because they’re indoor spiders. It sticks in my mind because 50 years and I had never heard such information.


    1. TB

      It helps if you live in California, and it’s not that cold outside. I have a little plastic device with a sliding clear panel that you can pop over spiders and safely trap them. Even has a magnifier molded in the top of the compartment so you can check the little bugger out before you give him the bum’s rush onto the back porch.

      1. TB

        Didn’t even know there was such a thing as water soluble oil paints. It’s too bad you’re sensitive. I used to love the smell of old-style oil paints back when I was doing that. I still sneak a whiff of linseed oil now and then when I’m in an art store.

        Even the turpentine smell wasn’t that bad. In moderation.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Building furniture I had to use alcohol-based paints to ensure an even finish on intricate woodworking. Very difficult to get it on properly in the seconds you have before it dries. And it was fumy, too. Ventilation would have helped but it would have drastically shortened the drying time — like your brush would solidify coming out of the can. I tried to do as little as possible with the stuff. But used correctly, the effect was striking – as if the work had always been this color and it was fresh from the chisel.

  3. Randall R. Besch

    Chris, I love those salt and pepper shakers! They almost look familiar.

    Spiders I like inside, except for the brown recluse. But I need to find out how large the British-large-house-spider is. I hardly see spiders and they turn out to be those little striped jumping spiders and they don’t last long.

  4. Peter Rogan

    I love those salt and pepper shakers, too, and I recognize the design as late Arts and Crafts, shading off into Orientalist. Nearly a century old at this point, and I can’t imagine many survived the metal drives in World War II. Would that I knew more about the history of the use of blue glass in this period, which could pinpoint the actual date they were made.

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