04/04/19 Diary: New Places




Posting late because we were non-stop busy out in Las Cruces way (which will be in next week’s strip).


  1. War Pig

    I was once snowed upon on Father’s Day. We were vacationing in Yellowstone Park and we were up on the great divide. It snowed pretty lively and we got two inches that day in the middle of June, 1989.

  2. Peter Rogan

    I’ve been that way myself. Still have a photo of me at 12,000 feet standing OVER the rainbow in the valley below. No snow, but it rained, and I made the descent at night on roads with no guardrails, listening to the freshets gurgling and tumbling just past the road’s edge.

    I like the Apple logo with TWO bites taken out of it. Wonderful visual techie pun. I’m so jealous.

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