06/21/19 Diary: Iowa Wedding




Well, I was going to simply do last week’s strip late due to being on the road for a wedding in Iowa, but then I got kinda’ horribly sick and as a result have little to report because I remember very little of it. And so I went easy on myself and combined the two weeks into one strip.


  1. Peter Rogan

    Until it is demonstrated, as here, most people do not realize how much work is involved in making a living making art. There are no ‘sick days.’ There are no ‘personal days.’ There is no ‘vacation.’ Everything centers around the work, as it needs to, as it should be, as we agreed.

    You couldn’t sell insurance this way. Though I met a fellow who actually did. And I’m sorry to have met him. Do not ever say to me, “You know, when you sign that policy, do you realize you’re creating an estate?” My reaction will be immediate, heartfelt, and without pity. I’ll stick with art, thanks the same.

  2. TB

    You know, someone who spends a lot of time traveling all over the country and interacting with hundreds of different people is going to have a lot more infectious illnesses than those of us reclusive ogres who work out of an office at home all day.

    On the other hand, your life seems to be active and interesting. Maybe a good tradeoff.

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