07/26/19 Diary: Knock On Wood




And of course ridiculous hours working on “Willowweep Manor.” 😉


  1. Peter Rogan

    I must say, I am very grateful and illuminated by your cinematic references, which are slowly broadening my knowledge of independent film, of which I see too little. I see “Beyond the Black Rainbow” grossed $56,129 in the US, $4,957 in its initial weekend 20 May 2012. These numbers I can grasp and appreciate. For an independent Canadian literate horror film in limited release, this tells me how well it was received by its intended audience. No, I’m not sarcastic. I’m appreciative.

  2. Dennis Rockwell

    After having to shave twice a day in high school, I quit shaving altogether my freshman year of college (hint: Nixon was president) and have never looked back. Think of all the extra time I’ve been able to squander since!

  3. The role of the viewer in art is an interesting one.

    I myself have always said the meaning for a given piece is in the mind of the one observing the work. Though this is a statement that leads to some very strong debates sometimes. But to expand on that, the artist is both creator and viewer and has what once can say is the official interpretation but as a viewer who is not the creator you also have your take on it. And this is no less official in your mind than that of the creator.

    for some they may think they know what it means more than the creator. Or provide meaning when there is none.

    Good stuff.

    1. Peter Rogan

      I love it when people debate my stuff and come up with things I never thought of but can see them weaving out of a word, a shading, the use of subjunctive mood a whole story not yet written. Yet. It’s dangerous to do this in my presence. I may jerk the rug out from under you at any moment. OLE!

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Pulling a calf muscle, that was monstrously painful I am sure! I am learning more about independent films from reading your writings with illustrations. Too many of them I have not seen. But will keep an eye out for.

    I am curious about what people think of my writing, but most don’t seem to want to tell me. Maybe I have the wrong venue?

    Always interesting to me to read these diary bits. Illuminating every time to me.

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