08/16/19 Diary: Lighthouse Day




This week has been insane with work, every day all day. Relentless. Except Saturday which was a holiday (Lighthouse Day!) and so on that day I cooked and played all day.

And so the strip was be late. Apologies.


      1. Peter Rogan

        And there’s a missing article in the first line of panel 9 but, Judas Priest, Christopher, you have enough to do. I can’t keep punishing people because I’m an editor and these things leap out at me. Besides, I’m not being paid for it anymore. Your work ethic continues to awe and shame me. Now I have to go lie down again after reading of your schedule. So…tiring!

  1. TB

    If, as I suspect, “Lighthouse Day” is about actual lighthouses, I recommend Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Records of a Family of Engineers,” where he describes the amazing work his close ancestors did in lighthouse engineering, including the construction of the Bell Rock light.

    I first read this in my Kindle “Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson,” but Gutenberg has it here:


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