10/25/19 Diary: Bocce




Yup! Early Friday morning I point the car east. If you want to find me, I’ll be in Glens Falls Nov 3-6! With my new graphic novel about Glens Falls! (I’ll post a link online once it’s in my store!)

I’ll be giving an hour-long artist talk at the Chronicle Book Fair on the 3rd.

And I’ll be doing a talk on the 6th at the Folklife Center


  1. Julia

    Those camries are amazing, aren’t they? Many years ago I bought a used one and kept it for a decade. Sometimes I wish I still had it.

    If you will be by your storage unit, I do still want that little Dee strip. Just tell me where to send the money. If it isn’t convenient, I can be patient. Thanks.


  2. Pete Rogan

    I’m a great fan of reliable transportation. My last car was the first with synthetic oil (I changed it once a year, whether it needed it or not) and lasted me twenty-six years. Barring catastrophe, I am not expecting to look for replacement until 2041 or so.

    Speaking of twenty-six years… Has it been that long since 32SFAGG came out? Oh, jeez. Still probably the best film biography of the subject, his music, and what it meant to hear it. I still love the hotel chambermaid detained to listen to a new recording of Gould, as he sits there watching her starting to groove on it. The power of Beethoven to seduce, revealed.

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