03/11/23 Diary: Boven Peak


Title: Boven Peak Panel 1: Drawing of me at my table drawing on my computer and Cintiq. Caption, "Since I'll be in transition again, it’s been a time of mostly staying at home and working, getting ahead on the comics." -- Panel 2: Drawing of me sitting in the comfy chair suddenly caught with an amazing thought. Caption, "Which of course means that since I don't have time for it: my brain came up with the germ of an idea for a new graphic novel (with a fun 'food' theme), so I've been playing in my head with that." -- Panel 3: Drawing of me either coming out or going into the Caribbean, wearing swimming trunks, a t-shirt, and a snorkel mask. Caption, "Although I've also been doing my usual activities: Weekly solo dates at Cool Corner, daily morning walks, and I even went snorkeling again on March 3rd." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me walking to town carrying my phone and filming my progress with it, the Quill volcano in the background. Caption, "3/4/23 - I filmed my last "morning walk" of this trip. This one was my normal straight not-very-interesting route to downtown, but it’s been a happy walk for me, and I wanted to remember it." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me ordering an ice cream at Juicy Licious. Caption, "That evening on the way home from food shopping at Duggins (out of tuna for Brinnie), I stopped by Juicy Licious for a cookies-and-cream ice cream cone for the walk home." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me smiling as I work on my laptop on the comfy chair, Brinnie rubbing against my leg. Caption, "I've been really enjoying beginning to plan things for when I get back. Some brief travel, and then where I'm going to live. I look forward to friends, family, familiarity, and food." -- Panel 7: Drawing of me carrying the dining room table. Caption, "I take pictures of places when I arrive because I move things, and this way when it's time to go I can put them back in their correct spots. Which I did, signaling the beginning of the end." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me working on my laptop in the library, my arms wrapped around myself from the cold. Caption, "3/8/23 - I've been going to work in the library when the housekeeper comes, just to get out of her hair. They're very nice there, but sometimes the AC can be so cold!" -- Panel 9: Drawing of me on Boven Peak looking out over the island and the Quill Volcano and Saint Kitts in the distance. Caption, "3/9/23 - I finally hiked Boven (this highest point in Boven National Park), and it was so worth it. Every hike here has been worth it. Simply beautiful."


Here’s this THIRD YouTube “Morning Walk” video I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q02A_Vt5nvk

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