03/19/23 Diary: Going Home


Panel 1: Title: Going Home Drawing of me packing my suitcases. Caption, "3/15/23 - And now It's time to wrap this Statia trip up. I spent the day (after one last morning walk to the Atlantic coast) packing and cleaning." -- Panel 2: Drawing of me hitting my head on the hanging lamp in the kitchen. Caption, "In the end I hit my head (according to my records) 36 times on the hanging kitchen light. Dong!" -- Panel 3: Drawing of me by the ocean looking at the rocky beach. Caption, "There is a history of blue beads on Statia, but while there, no blue beads found me." -- Panel 4: Drawing of me sitting outside the Statia airport, waiting for it to open. Caption, "3/16/23 - I showed up to the airport 1.5 hours before my flight, but of course the airport wasn’t even open yet. Such a small island." -- Panel 5: Drawing of me inside the Statia airport looking at the island through the window. Caption, "It was weird being on this side of the airport glass, the land I’ve come to know so well no longer reachable." -- Panel 6: Drawing of me in the small plane looking down at the Oranje Bay. Caption, "Three months is a good long time, to the point of complete familiarity: Statia has become my life. And so I am left wondering, 'what will going back look like?'" -- Panel 7: Drawing of me asleep in a hotel in Dallas. Caption, "Will I fall into old patterns, or can I continue forward with new ones? Resetting one’s life is so easily undone, and who we've previously been is doggedly persistent." -- Panel 8: Drawing of me in the DFW airport looking at the sun rise through the windows. Caption, "All we can hope for is that on whatever roads we take we can be kind and be surrounded by kindness in return." -- Panel 9: Drawing of Callistus and me hugging by her car as snow falls. Caption, "And like bookends, my friend Callistus picked me up for at the airport. And I'll leave this all with one unwavering thought: I'm so fortunate to have such good people in my life. Oh, and one other thought: OMG, it was snowing!" -- Panel 10: Drawing of me sitting into front of my drawing pad, taking off my glasses. Caption, "And with that... I'm going to stop doing the journal comic for a while until I go on new adventures and wish to chronicle them. I hope to see you again soon!"



  1. M.A.

    I love that you keep track of how many times you bonk your head. I have a theory that everybody’s OCD about something, but I haven’t encountered that one before…

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