Model Drawings 2013

11/19/13 – Today I felt spot on when drawing, and I think the results showed it. Ink drawings with simple ink&water wash.


11/12/13 – Drew some models today. I was frantic with work so i kind of blew in there and blew out of there, but got a couple nice ones.


10/22/13 – Had fun today drawing shadows AND highlights on a mid-tone background. Sometimes the result is so pleasing it feels like cheating, but it’s not. 🙂

(click on the picture this time for larger views)



10/15/13 – I was feeling all over the map in what styles I wanted to play with this week. Started with the heavy b&w, then the pencil, then integrating ink and pencil.

10/08/13 Another drawing session, same model. Also, I drew Winnie the Pooh and some of his gang. :)

10/1/13 – Model drawing is back in session!

John Hampshire, who runs the drop-in modeling class al the local community college was on sabbatical last semester, and so Tuesday night was the first model-drawing studio I’ve done since December. Was totally psyched. It’s been so long, I just wanted to play around with various ways of inking, and form and shadow. A little rusty, but I’m pleased with the result.