light_tableI was born 2/25/1973 in Greenfield, Ma, and started drawing comic strips around age 5, comic books around age 12.

I currently write and draw for MAD Magazine. I’ve also written and drawn dozens of comic-books, as well as a half-dozen daily comic strips. I’ve been written up in theWashington Post, Wired Magazine, IO9, Salon Magazine, UK Daily Telegraph, Newsbytes, and even appeared on NPR.

I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, although historically I’ve been a bit of a casual reader of it. That all changed a few years ago as I quested for more interesting audiobooks to listen to while drawing, and I started tackling the science fiction genre. Once down that road, I couldn’t turn back, and even began listening to books and lectures ABOUT science fiction.

About then I had the kernel of an idea for a new strip. A lot of ideas like this end up fizzling out, but this one kept growing. After a year of development — writing, outlining, plotting, character development, etc — I had a solid half year worth of strips to work with, to springboard me into the story; with the outline (in my head) clocking in at about 3 years, give or take however many need be.

Creating. That’s my job. The job of reading it, I leave to you.

-Christopher John Baldwin


  1. featheredfrog

    Hi, remember me? The frogs are still doing well.

    Just wanted to say that the last panel in the 3/10 strip sold me on SpaceTrawler. I’ll miss LD, but it’s an interesting change.

  2. Hurray, a new Chris Baldwin comic!! Way back in the early aughts, a friend and I used to survive our day jobs almost solely by reading your “Bruno” strips. It’s been a lot of fun catching up on “Little Dee,” and now I have more to read!

  3. Andrew Cross

    This is an amazing comic/story and honestly i just wanted to give you encouragement simply because I know so many people who’ve given up on their aspirations (especially pertaining to art) and you are the pinnacle of achieving your dreams. You make me proud to be a squishy vulnerable human.
    Once more unto the breach my lord!

  4. idj

    Hi, Christopher. I just found SpaceTrawler and I’m in love with it! You might remember me – a prairie Canadian who bought all the Bruno books from you way back then, and lost you when you started Little Dee, for some reason. I just couldn’t sink into LD as easily as Bruno, but I’m loving ST! Glad to hear you’re writing and drawing for Mad Mag. This is wonderful work. Good on you!


  5. Lisa P

    You had a birthday and we totally missed it. T is in the middle of 1st semester law school and enjoying it like a madman. I’m holding down the fort while little E is getting too big to not be potty trained. Trolling on by to say hello. Take care and best wishes.

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  11. sherry kearns

    hi christopher,
    charlotte (from tues. drawing) sent me a message for you about graphic novels. if you send me your eddress, i’ll forward it. see you tues, i hope.

  12. Kayla and Lorna Baldwin

    We love to draw just like you. We are the kids of Seth Baldwin, your cousin. Your work is so cool. We want to be an artists just like you! We see some of your work when we read our Raz-Kids readers. We feel so cool when the kids ask us if we are related to you! We hope to meet you one day!

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