Oh my goodness! Only today’s strip and Monday, and it’s done! Such a weird feeling, to be so close.

Oh, but the Kickstarter has a ways to go! Please support and help make it happen!



Oh my goodness! Only today’s strip and Monday, and it’s done! Such a weird feeling, to be so close.

Oh, but the Kickstarter has a ways to go! Please support and help make it happen!


08/26/16 Epilogue 01

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  1. Well there you have your next webcomic concept, if you need one: The Adventures of Foxglove and Teapot, the “Last” Humans (in space)

  2. @Gabe, Yes! For sure. It has crossed my mind, was on my mind all along. I’m not sure I ever will, but to leave that door open.

  3. @Gabe: you mean, like Eve and Adam? Last, first, whatever.

    Yeah, I suppose we can imagine that Anna and all the others get so intertwinned with the EEBs in time, they’re no longer human…

  4. ” The Adventures of Foxglove and Teapot, the “Last” Humans (in space)”

    Their kids would be weird…….

  5. Got a little typo in the second to last panel there: “… to take the both the ship and lauridium…”

    I think you didn’t mean to put that “the” before “BOTH”

    possible meant to say “take both the ship and the lauridium” or “take the ship and lauridium” and the construction got lost between the two decision? Anyway, just pointing it out so it can be fixed before it all goes to print – which I’m looking forward to!

    Interesting plot development, to have the grand, brave adventure turn out to be a big misunderstanding and embarrassingly distrustful evaluation of what turns out to be good leaders after all… and yet have it turn out for the best in the long run anyway, since it all evolved towards learning more about the planet and its natives and eventually how to communicate. Strange but satisfying while being also somehow unsettling. Kind of a hallmark for your stories in general, now that I think of it – which I have been enjoying very much. Good to have one’s expectations shaken up just a bit from time to time. Can’t take anything for granted – the world is too strange, in the end. And yet – there is still resolution that is worth the journey… Looking forward to the next story!

  6. @Kerin, thanks! Fixed! (and your comment totally made my morning)

  7. Seems like a drastic step for Foxglove and Teapot – when you self-exile from the last human settlement this leaves little possibility for divorce.

    Couldn’t they just let Pewter drive the megaton interstellar ship … oh wait, nevermind.

    Cue The amazing adventures of Foxglove and Teapot. Part 1: The macabre quest to send the genocidal aliens on a wild goose chase while maintaining their sanity and wresting a modicum of privacy from the nanny-bot (NSFW?)

  8. Somehow I imagined the “honeymoon” idea was to fly the Lauridium elsewhere on the planet and then walk back. Having them exiled forever is a sad ending after all.
    But at least I can imagine them alive, still, so I guess that’s something.

  9. @Sengkelat, ADVENTURING. Not exiled, they are ADVENTURING! Tum-ta tummmm!!!! 🙂

  10. I don’t want this to come across as negative. It isn’t.

    The story I wanted to hear (and sorta expected with a title like Anna Galactic) is the fourth row of the first epilogue strip. I feel like the story told merely stuck one metaphorical foot in the shallow end of the amazing and deep pool of the world you created.

    I liked the journey, still.

  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I’m not ready for it to be overrrrrrrrrrr!

    Well, Okay, I’ll accept it with the hope of Adventures of Foxglove and Teapot (& Pewter too) in the future! 😉

  12. Technically the mission only does not allow them to come back by their own devices (i.e. lauridium). There may be other ways, perhaps they could hitchhike?

    Christopher’s galaxy clearly is a colorful place so
    could be fun as long as they have their guide handy and know where their towel is 😉

  13. @andreas: and they could fall and forget to touch the ground and make it flying. I think they would love it. Nice honeymoon.

  14. Why am I thinking if Foxglove and Teapot every encounter the Leengras, the Leengras will end up being the ones sorry about it?

    Yeah, I think we need to see their further adventures…

  15. Or they’ll make friends and everyone will realize it was all a big misunderstanding. F&T will come home, introduce the Leengras to the remaining humanity, and everyone will die.

    “But what about the misunderstandinGACK–”
    “You misunderstood.”
    “Hey, we found floating blobs that go FWOOM when we light them!”

  16. …wait, why is the huge flying thing in her head now?

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