And with today’s strip, that’s it! I hope you loved it. I am going to miss writing and drawing Anna Galactic. I really enjoyed this project.

Know that the Kickstarter runs through September 14, so please help it reach it’s goal!



And that’s it! I hope you loved it. I am going to miss writing and drawing Anna Galactic. I really enjoyed this project.

Know that the Kickstarter runs through September 14, so please help it reach it’s goal!


And check out the comic I’m doing now/next! Spacetrawler!

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08/29/16 Epilogue 02

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  1. The worlds you create….
    It is a gift.
    Congratulations for now and best wishes for the (Spacetrawler) future from an admirer and a friend.

  2. You really seem to travel a lot. If you wouldn’t, I doubt you’d be able to draw your webcomics the way you do.

  3. It’s been a nice trip. I like your epilogue very much. I’ll miss them all.

  4. So she’s not planning on having six kids to ensure man kinds future??

    And here I am talking about the gritty practical side. 🙂

    And sorry to see this end.

  5. That was an awesome tale. I hope you’re not finished. I look forward to the next adventure.

  6. What’s with the glowing mini-Kthawk at her shoulder? And what is the planet’s -name-?

  7. @0Z79, in the previous strip, the Thauwk replaced Hishla. And no name is given in the comic. Kthauwklandia perhaps? 🙂

  8. “It made me feel worthwhile…until it didn’t” is the kind of thing I expect to be said about substance abuse or adult film performance; something where not feeling worthwhile is assumed to be an inevitability. Which is weird, for farming. I would have expected her to say “It made me feel worthwhile…for a time, at least.” Or something like that. But maybe I’m just sensitive because I’m from a farming community.

    Anyway, my annoying criticism aside, it was a fun story; exciting, funny, and poignant. I’m pleased to see its conclusion while sad to see it end.

  9. @Sengkelat, huh. I didn’t intend it as any way a put-down of farming, of which I have a great respect. What I was aiming more for is the whole idea that she was part of this community, and of the theme of planting and nurturing the place where you are, but in their travels, she became detached from it, she felt somewhat incomplete, and so I imagine her now always wandering and searching. If I did a sequel of her, it would probably end with her returning back at the end. Maybe a bit autobiographical in that way. Bummed if that didn’t convey for you. 🙂 (and thank you for the high praise too!)

  10. It worked for me, Chris – it suggests that, although she always had regrets for what she did, farming made up for it, at least somewhat – but eventually, it didn’t. Maybe because the regrets got stronger….but I love the image of her wandering the planet, learning and communicating and hopefully making up for the past.

  11. A likeable ending. Thank you.

  12. No exaggeration– I got full-body goosebumps upon reading the final two panels. That was a masterstroke of an ending, and it perfectly captures the essence of this changed character. Well done.

  13. Stray thought…

    What if the aliens of mystery DIDn’t bring destruction to humanity, but rapture? (You made the cut)

    Just a sly twist if you will.

  14. Another compelling story told, Chris. Congratulations.

    Although… I still wonder if she ever got to perform her flute solo.

  15. @Joe England, yes, she did. She performed it for the Kthauwk as it was dying.

  16. It was a good trip indeed. Thank you for these stories and for these lovely characters.

    I hope eventually to read a new story, foxglove and teapot perhaps?

  17. I do have to say, the ending felt a little rushed. You wrapped up the open threads, but it was too quickly. Unless you did want us to feel like the trio, missing out on the actually important events while on an alleged heroic mission.

  18. Great comic. Your SciFi stories sucked me in and forced me to read them in very few sittings.

    While I’m talking – the quick link should perhaps lead to the first comic now that the series is over? I followed the sidebar link and got sent to the end first which was a minor downer.

  19. Wow! Really sad to see this end. It’s been SO good reading this. Can’t praise it enough. Somehow I thought it was an ongoing story line when I left the previous comment but nope. Now finished.

    You’ve an incredible gift for telling a story, Chris. I’m a hard person to please as I don’t just expect a great plot and story line but solid in depth character development and you deliver it in spades!! I absolutely love sci-fi but I don’t read much nowadays as too much is drivel or ‘sword and fantasy’ stuff. I like *science* fiction which is what you write.

    Out of curiosity – did you ever explain the line patterns on the back of people’s clothing that enabled packs and bags to stay on? I noticed it early on but never read anything about it.

    Well, off to check out some of your other sci-fi comics. Thanks for writing such great stories and with those serious ones, always managing to inject dome humour in too.

  20. Aw, thank you, Jude! 🙂

    And no, never explained the back patterns. It just seemed like something useful that no doubt human’s would figure out and maybe invent by then. 🙂

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